Our Mission

Acceleration of new technologies and treatment approaches implementation by creating space for effective continuing physician professional development. Different medical specialists’ integration, ongoing dialogue between them helps to individualize a treatment and to select the optimum treatment tactics in each particular clinical case, providing maximum results.

Integration into the international system of professional medical education allows following the highest educational standards in medicine. We strive to unite people who are not indifferent to the health and future of the nation.

Our values


Modern medicine is featured with unusually rapid development of technologies, which significantly improve treatment results and patients’ quality of life. This applies to both therapeutic treatment modalities and surgical approaches. Ensuring of innovations timely availability on the market determines the success of the branch development.


Implementation of innovative technologies and new approaches is impossible without constant improvement of physicians’ professional level. Educational Medical Alliance organizes educational projects in collaboration with leading international and domestic experts. Taking into account that most innovative products are introduced abroad earlier than in Russian Federation, so, cooperation with foreign clinics helps to introduce new products into our market more quick.


Realized by Educational Medical Alliance educational projects allow to know the recent scientific data results, which directly determine the rationality of new treatments methods using. Educational Medical Alliance creates a common space for the effective continuing physician professional development.