During last decennaries, medicine is a rapidly developing discipline; appearing of high-tech diagnostics and treatment methods in its arsenal requires improvement of modern medical knowledge. Pharmacological approach to treatment, various interventional techniques can collectively make available an effective complex aid, on which doctor and patient pin the hope.

Competent application of these techniques is the key of treatment success in each clinical case. Realized by Educational Medical Alliance projects unite specialists for whom the pursuit of new knowledge is an integral part of professionalism.


Despite the innovative technologies in cardiology rapid development, there are still many unresolved issues. High-risk patients timely detection, qualified treatment, follow-up observation, an optimal therapy choice, surgical and therapeutic approaches combining are the tasks that Educational Medical Alliance solves in collaboration with leading clinics and research centers around the world.



Many neurological diseases, such as ischemic stroke, disseminated sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, are a significant social burden and are associated with patients’ incapacitation. Today medicine has made so great progress that modern technology can significantly improve patient quality of life or even mitigate disability risk. These goals achieving is impossible without constant improvement of physicians’ professional level, patient awareness improvement, and around- the-clock availability of professional help. Educational Medical Alliance works at the series of projects aimed at the realization of the above-mentioned purposes.


Obstetrics and Gynecology

The demographic situation improvement in the country is impossible without reproductive health promotion. Educational Medical Alliance realizes the projects aimed at improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases, which reduce the reproductive potential of women. Patients with hormonal disorders, uterine myoma, inflammatory disease, and endometriosis are in the project focus. The project key-note tasks are: gynecologists’ professional level improvement, formation of ‘pool’ of experts in this field of medicine at the country regions, enhancement preventive medical examination service of such patients, improvement of patient awareness about reproductive centers.


Urology and Andrology

Men's Health is no less important factor in improving the demographic situation  than women's reproductive health. Thus, infertility in 40% of cases is associated with a man, and 20% - with both partners. Key-note purposes are: to develop andrology service in the regions, to improve andrologists’ and urologists’ professional level, to increase special medical aid appealability of men.



Contemporary medicine requires from pulmonologist knowledge in the field of related disciplines (radiodiagnosis, oncology, thoracic surgery, clinical pharmacology, cardiology, and others). Currently, the next issues are not adequately reflected: COPD and associated diseases (CVD, osteoporosis, diabetes); value of COPD radiation diagnostics; COPD and lung cancer; surgical treatment of COPD.


Rational antibiotic therapy

Clinical studies show a significant increasing antibiotic resistance, especially to macrolides. In view of the lack of new antibacterial drugs, the risk of significant decreasing of antimicrobial drugs effectiveness in the future has emerged. It is important to prevent unjustified antibiotics prescription, especially, by outpatient professionals.



Taking into account the development of high technologies in the treatment of patients with advanced stages of reproductive-system oncological diseases of reproductive organs, it will be noted a great success in Russia. Thus, survivability of patients with hormone-dependent tumors of the reproductive organs has increased significantly during past 10 years due to new approaches to chemotherapy.




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